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Smart Heart Starter mother and pup is a fitting diet that can be given to your pup at the age of 3 weeks. This diet is introduced at a decisive time for puppy’s development. Puppies tend to gain 5 – 10% of their body weight everyday on an average at this point of time. During the period of weaning the pup’s digestive system is not strong and they can’t chew on regular food and this is the perfect diet for them. After maternal milk this is the feed that helps a pup develop healthy digestive system as well as immune system. The mother’s energy demands increases by 2-3 times their regular energy needs during gestation & lactation period. The meal meets the high energy demands of mothers too by providing high quality nutrients and minerals. It also consists of Colostrum for building a strong defence mechanism. Smart Heart professional range products are produced under the highest factory standards and are subjected to stringent quality checks.

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