Royal Canin German Shepherd Puppy 12kg


German Shepherd puppies tend to have a sensitive digestive system and also have alkaline skin. They grow quickly, and their active lifestyle can add stress to their joints. Hence, the ROYAL CANIN tailor-made German shepherd food is designed exclusively for puppies from 8 weeks to 15 months for their specific needs. Product Benefits Exclusive Kibble German Shepherd puppies have a long, strong muzzle with strong teeth. The size, shape and texture of the kibbles for German Shepherd puppy formulas are designed to be easy for them to pick up and encourage him to chew. Digestive Performance Digestive health is essential during the puppy’s growth period: the digestive system is not yet fully developed and therefore cannot absorb nutrient as adult dogs. A combination of nutrients help supports digestive health (LIP proteins) and help maintain a balanced intestinal flora (FOS, MOS), contributing to good stool quality. The German Shepherd Puppy formula takes care of their digestive sensitivity. Bone & Joint Health Being a large breed, German Shepherds are prone to bone and joint issues. The diet is enriched with chondroitin, glucosamine and omega 3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA) to support healthy bones and joints. These nutrients support cartilage formation and have anti-inflammatory actions. This exclusive formula also helps maintain ideal weight. Natural Defences Growing puppies have an immature immune system, so they are at higher risk of infections and illnesses than adult dogs. An exclusive complex of antioxidants (vitamins E and C, lutein and taurine) contained in the German Shepherd Puppy formula helps maintain their natural defences.

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